Saturday, April 4, 2009

29 days

Thats how many days I have until I am no longer a "free" woman. We're down to the twenties here folks. I don't know if you know this but planning a wedding is stressful. I might have mentioned that, not sure. BUT it is also very exciting. I'm very excited. Its a little surprising how things are truly coming together quite nicely. I have a dress. Mike has a suit. We have invitations, a venue, a cake, a honeymoon, flowers, a hotel, and someone to marry us. We're down to the details now, which has been a long time coming. Of course, being me I like to make things hard and complicated. Not only am I balancing a wedding and a full-time job, I'm also staring up a duo to play at pubs/lounges/bars around the beaches and the city. We rehearse on as many nights as we possibly have free. AND I also have to start looking into getting a new apartment because, frankly, we've worn out our welcome at our current residence.  We found this AWESOME place in Manly with a harbor view (sort of) and its almost 10x the size of our current place, which doesn't take much to do. It has stain glass windows!! How cool is that?! And its at a pretty affordable price. So fingers crossed we can get it. If not, its back to the drawing board, or rather the renting website haha

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Mike said...

29 days + 160 later. And I love you 189 times more than I did back in April =o)